Forrest green silk and wool


wool/silk blend forrest green New Lanark 400 g.//needle 3.5 mm and 4.5 mm//size M/L

One green cone of forrest (almost) done to this sweater. It is a free-styling pattern, which sometimes is the perfect recipe for disaster, but in this case turned out wonderful.

Say hallo to new favorite sweater.The wool/silk blend feels a bit ichi at first, but after washing and wearing it is all gone.

The green cone – New Lanark


Meet the next project. A green pullover in forrest green. 480 g. of New Lanark silk blend bought in New Lanark Site outside Edinburgh in June. Worth a visit if you are ever in these parts of the world.

I of course spent hours restraining myself for buying even more than I did, but finally decide to only go with the silk blend. Telling myself that I needed that particular yarn in my collection.

The cones bought at the site do not fit into “the box“. The obvious answer to that, is to knit.

Purl Soho pullover – KNIT challenge remake


The KNIT challenge 2016/17 has begun.

A couple of years ago I bought several skeins of Faroese yarn Snældan in nature colors at a knit fair in Denmark, and in 2014 I re-visited The Faroe Islands again after more than ten years to experience the solar eclipse. It was cloudy and lasted about two minutes of perfect silence and more Snældan went into the bag and quite a lot of Sirri yarn.

No plans attached to the piles of yarn. Then the KNIT challenge began asking for creative minds. How to use the yarn in storage, without buying new.

I came across Purl Soho’s beautiful site with an overload of simple and wearable things.  The Purl Soho Pullover pattern can be purchased from the site or in my case -downloaded for free when signing up for their newsletter.

The pullovers are made with Snældan yarn – two threads, grey, light grey and white. I use a much smaller gauge that the pattern describes. I used the largest size and followed the pattern carefully with only small additions for a size M.


I divided front and back in two, making the back much longer than the front. On the grey pullover I added a small space between front and back with 10 stitches on each side making two wedges. The white pullover I added a black zipper from the neck. Both added rib on the sleeves.

Knit detective might notice that the top light grey stripes on the sleeves are smaller than the rest – making a slightly uneven look. I didn’t have enough yarn;-). The challenge has begun and these are definitely my favorites for the winter.

The box


In this box lies a challenge. The KNIT Challenge of 2016/17.

Like most other knitters I found myself having collected quite a bit of yarn over the years. I like to call it souvenirs, but truth be told it has perhaps developed into a bit more than that. Yarn leftovers, big shopping, souvenirs, must-haves etc.

A lot has happen this year and I feel the urgent need to start all over again. I actually think I got a yarn-OD of new purchases. Everything has to go. I must knit it all, before buying new.


9 pullovers and cardigans, 1 pair of baggy pants, a scarf and a t-shirt. That is 2016 so far. All from yarn on storage. Now it is almost down to this bed-roller. And a weaved basket full of silk skeins, a few cones and a small box filled with cotton yarn, and a large wool blanket I began knitting in 2010….

Let’s face it – it is indeed a challenge.

Knitted sweat pants


Yarn 350 g Shetland shade 32//Size M//Needle 3.0 mm//two small zippers


Cosy knitted sweat pants for yoga class or casual friday.

Legs: Cast on 2x 60 stitches if you work in magic loop – work in rib 2 knit, 2 purl. Knit 6 cm. Increase 10 stitches – 70 stitches in total and work around in stocking stitch. Increase 2 stitches every 10th row 10 times. Hereafter increase 2 stitches every 8th row.

When work measures 58 cm count from the “middle” 20 stitches and make a mark. Hereafter increase 1 stitch every 8th row to make more room for your behind. When work measures 78 cm (or how long your legs are – mine are short, but the pattern is a bit  baggy and the legs are long – I don’t want it to look like stockings) or you hit 131 stitches, join the two “legs”.

Body back: Work around in stocking stitch while continue to increase 2 stitches on both legs and 1 stitch back on each leg to shape the buttock.

Body front: Mark the middle in front of the trousers and leave two stitches in the middle while decrease 1 stitch on each side every 8th row to make a “flat tummy”.

If you which to add pockets here is the time to remember this.

When Body measures approx. 14-15 cm. start decreasing 1 stitch on each leg to shape the upper body.

When body measures 28 cm in total, knit one round of purl as to make an edge without in– or decreasing. Mark the middle of the front. The front is knitted in rib 2 knit, 2 purl (15 stitches on each side = 30 stitches). make a couple of rounds and then make two very small holes in the rib to make room for the string around the waist.

Knit 4.5 cm and make another round of purl. Knit 4.5 cm again. This will make the drawstring for th elastic band.

If you try them on at this point and it looks like this is never going to work. Despair not. The elastic band, and the final touch will make up for it. You’ll look great.

Sew the elastic band together and the drawstring, and make a string with tassels to tie in front.

Pockets: Se instructions for cutting in knitwear here. I do on the sewing machine though.

Voila! Ready for the world. When washed remember to check for see-throughness – maybe you need stockings underneath.